Baby Loot!

Being a first-time mommy, naturally I’d want to buy the world for my precious first born. I mean who doesn’t, right? I just need to be given a chance to be excited, buy shit I don’t need and not be judged for it. But I consider myself quite a logical shopper who does a substantial amount of research under Juvie’s scrutiny and financial watch. Pfft.

So, thou shalt not judge. Here is my baby shopping list, which is constantly being updated. We have hit 11.9k to date. Geezus christ.

First and foremost, most of the stuff I bought are from Taobao, since most of the baby fairs in Singapore are selling the same shit anyways. Let’s be smart shoppers, shall we? Let’s not succumb to the “expensive means good” methodology, because we go to school for a reason, and being retarded is not one of them.

I only spend on things that requires it, such as baby’s clothing from Carters so that she will be comfortable, a Mimos support pillow so we don’t need to worry about expensive flat-head syndrome treatments, Medela Maxi Swing for hygiene and efficiency purposes, Kiinde Kozii bottle warmer so all the goodness from my precious breast milk will not go to waste and a Haenim UV sterilizer as it sterilizes and dries at the same time, reducing mold on the baby items as opposed to the usual steam sterilizers.

Starting from the cutest items.. her first month party outfit! It’s a gift from her aunt Diane and it matches her table tutu that we will be making for the party. How cute is that!


I have already bought all the party supplies required as well as planning a mini dessert table. Here are some of the stuff I bought in an excel as Juvie refused to let me hire someone to do the job. Pfft. Whatever.

Next up, my first batch of Carters loot! I’ve got about 4 batches as I forgot that we need to buy another set for her when she stays with her grandma while I go back to work.

IMG_9260 IMG_9264 IMG_9263 IMG_9261

They are so tiny! Even Juvie squealed when he started washing the baby stuff. Cuteness overload! Look at these cot bumpers and elephant plushie I got from Taobao!

IMG_9504 IMG_9505

We also got some furniture for the baby room, a really good cot from Taobao for $130 bucks (OMG) as well as a Miffy lamp! <3

IMG_9074 IMG_8943 IMG_9073 IMG_9075

Of course, I bought loads of not-so-neccessary good stuff like super cute Wubbanub pacifiers, Sophie the Giraffe teether, and loads of headbands. Loads. I deserve to be a first time mom buying stupid shit. Just let me.

IMG_9255 IMG_9254

As for baby carrier and stroller choices, Juvie had originally decided not to get a stroller as both of us are lazy asses. We feel that we are too lazy to lug the damn thing out and most likely won’t be using it. But in the end, we were at a baby fair and he got suckered into a Doona instead.

We don’t even like going out much, so leaving our baby in a car seat for short periods of time work for us. Plus it is super convenient. A car seat AND a stroller. It’s also good because we don’t even know if our kiddo likes to be in a stroller. Most of our nephews and nieces doesn’t like being in one. We shall see.

Got a Tula baby carrier because it is softer than an Ergo baby 360. Got a normal standard sized one. Not the insane expensive shit because I do not care for the designs enough to pay that much money for it.

Same sentiments towards Jujube diaper bags as well. I’m not a conformist. I love Toki Doki but I’m not carrying that shit and openly telling people that I’m carry my baby’s poop in my bag. I opt for a baby bag organizer that I can fit into my nice tote bags that actually matches my outfit. Fits my style much better and also, I got the organizer from Taobao for 4 bucks. Baby fairs selling the same shit at $15.99. Lame.

Gave away the nice bath tub I bought from EzBuy to a complete stranger. Bought the Karibu collapsible baby bath tub instead as it is much smarter in space saving.

IMG_0090 IMG_0095

Lastly, baby bottles. Had a long discussion with Juvie regarding Dr Brown bottles as it is anti-colic and all that. But based on alot of reviews, seems like it’s difficult to clean as it has many parts and have higher chance of mold. After more research, I found a better solution. The Comotomo. It is anti-colic without many parts, easy to clean and dry, soft for baby to hold, mimicking a mother’s breast and is super cute. It’s a winner for us. Hopefully, our kiddo can accept it.

That’s about it! Y’all can find out more about where to get the cheapest deal from my excel sheet above. They are the cheapest at this point in time.

Trying to psycho Juvie into letting me buy the Inua Haus from Creamhaus. Wish me luck. >.<

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